Gulf Coast Oil Spill: How to help from other parts of the world?

Sea turtles are just one of many endangered species around the Gulf of Mexico. Some others are Dolphins, Least Terns, Blue fin Tuna, Brown Pelicans, Reddish Egrets, Snowy Plover, Plankton and Oysters.  See more of them here.

With this, I would really like to emphasize the importance of our biological diversity to have a healthy and functioning ecosystem. In this case, is a part of an ocean, an ocean that does not know the meaning of the word border. It just is. And we are not. But therefore we also can help.

So, most of my readers I believe are Swede’s, not living next door to the critic area to participate as a volunteer. However there are two other big ways to support, despite the fact that we’re located at the opposite side of the earth.

The first thing: donate money. Of course.

Are among the many organizations accepting donations to facilitate the work along the coast.

The other thing:

donate hair, your own, your dog’s or your cat’s, and pantyhose!

  • Matter of Trust is focusing their already successful Excess Access program, which collects materials that we already have and re-routes them to the causes that need them most, on the cleanup of the Gulf oil spill. In addition to dog and cat hair, thousands of pounds of human hair and pantyhose (other components that are used to make the oil-sucking hairmats and booms) have been sent into the non-profit system from all around the world. The mats are then being made locally on beaches and marshes along the Gulf Coast to be deployed into the waters.

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